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Rega Announce their New Planar 10 Turntable and Apheta 3 Cartridge!

posted on 2019-09-12 13:06:31 GMT

Hi Everyone,

The above heading says it all really, we’ve been waiting for this one for quite some time now so I for one am really looking forward to it as the new Planar 8 is an incredible turntable for its price and I’m sure that the new PL10 is going to reset the benchmark to what is possible at this price point.

To go along with the new PL10 Rega are launching the new Apheta 3 MC cartridge which I am guessing most people will be partnering with their PL10, if bought together there is a £350 saving to be made which isn’t to be sniffed at, you an buy a lot of vinyl for £350.

Rega Open Day!

A quick heads up that our next open day will be a Rega / Vinyl open day on November 23rd so please put it in the diary, we will be showcasing the new Planar 10 plus Chris will be here with his vinyl for sale on the day, this is always popular.

Anyway enough talking, please see a link to the new PL10 on our website and a selection of pictures below, needless to say it will be on permanent demo shortly -





Thanks to everyone who came along to our Boys Toys Day 2019!

posted on 2019-09-02 08:46:00 GMT

Hi Everyone,

I just wanted to say a big thanks for everyone who came along to this years Boys Toys Day, we were jammy with the weather again which was a relief. It was a day of 2 halves really with the breakfast car meet at HFL where we had a great selection of Marques again including, Aston Martin, Ferrari, Lotus, Porsche, TVR, Mercedes but arguably the star of the show was a 1981 Citroen GSA Special which really was quite unique.

Then around midday many of us departed to Rye House for the Go Karting track action, for once the convoy stayed in line helped by Wendy leading the way, we ended up with 24 karts on track which was great, I hope everyone who joined in didn’t ache too much yesterday, I know I did, and hopefully the people who had blisters on their hands after 1 hour in the kart are on the mend now, it really is pretty physical when you spend an hour in a Kart, it is actually easier to drive the Radical but in the end I everyone seemed to have a great time and appeared to be keen to do it again next year so I can see this becoming a yearly event.

The Race

Ready for action!

So how did the race go? Well I got pole which I was very happy about, to be fair I used to race at Rye a fair bit around 20 years ago but it is amazing how it soon comes back to you, the race didn’t go quite as well though as I got punted off on lap 1 so went from first to last in one lap but fought back to third so had some great racing along the way, congratulations to Chris who won and Andy who came second but really a big thanks to everyone who came along and made it so much fun, I’ve got some unfinished business so definitely keen to do it again next year.

Let’s Go Racing!

Me and Wendy having a chat on track

The Podium

Thanks again everyone, let’s do it all again next year 👍




Boys Toys Day - Aug 31st Update!

posted on 2019-08-24 06:36:45 GMT

Hi Everyone,

With less that a week to go now till our Boys Toys Day 2019 I thought I’d just write a quick update, the main news is that looking on Accuweahter we are in for a dry and sunny day which really is the main thing, so if you fancy getting your pride and joy out for a late summer blast please feel free to come over to HiFi Lounge from 9am onwards.

We will be here till midday with the BBQ sizzling away with sausage and bacon for breakfast with the demo rooms blasting out some top tunes, then we are off to Rye house in Hoddesdon for some Go Kart Racing action, I just want to say thanks to everyone who has registered to come along racing. So far we are up to 21 of us on track which means there are 5 places left for anyone who is mad enough to join us, the aim was to get 20 Karts on the Grid but it would be really cool if we could get a full grid of 26 so if you’d like to come along please just drop me a line at paul@hifilounge.co.uk

You can read the full blog below for the years BTD - 


But to recap, we’ll be having our yearly car meet at HiFi Lounge from 9am till midday then we are off to Rye house to tear up the track with the on track action starting at 2pm, if you don’t fancy the racing part why not come over to Rye House to watch the action, it should be a real spectacle to rival any Grand Prix 😉

Really look forward to seeing everyone on August 31st for a day of cars, HiFi and racing 👍




Introducing HFL’s Shiny New Website!

posted on 2019-08-21 07:32:00 GMT

Hi Everyone,

I’m really pleased to announce that our new website is now live. Welcome, it is well overdue but anyone who has been involved in getting a new site up and running will know that it can be one of the most challenging aspects of running your own business but I want to say a huge thanks to Samuil Vladimirov and his team for doing an epic job, if anyone is looking for any web site work I can highly recommend these guys.

To be fair our old website held up well considering it was designed over 7 years ago, the main idea behind the new site was to keep it as informative as the old site but to bring it bang up to date so it is now mobile friendly and just more useable really.

When we launched HFL we only had 5 brands so just listing the brand names was fine but as HFL has grown the ability to search by category and price became more and more important so that was what created a lot of the work as we now have over 60 brands, wow how did we end up with that many, but now if you are not sure what all the different brands do you can search by category’s such as Digital, Analogue, Amps, Speaker & headphones etc and you can also filter down by price so if you are looking for speakers over £500,000 you can now find them easily ;-)

Also on the homepage in true Peter Jackson style is the extended full 2 min director’s cut of the video that Ian Boyle at IDB Creative did for us.

Anyway please have a look round, there are still a few tweaks I want to make but if you find anything that doesn’t look quite right please let me know and we’ll get it sorted.

Couldn’t be happier with it though and thanks again to everyone involved in creating it.





Snetterton Photo Book!

posted on 2019-08-21 06:27:51 GMT

Hi Everyone,

Here are a few pics from our Radical SR1 race weekend at Snetterton a couple of weekends ago. It wasn’t my best race weekend as the weather really threw up a few challenges and I just don’t have the confidence in the wet but it is always great fun to drive the SR1 and we survived unscathed which was more than can be said for some, just another typical summer’s day this year I guess.

Either way Radical’s photographer, Ollie, took some great snaps as ever.

Donington next, towards the end of next month, we went well there in testing last year but race day was wet which again scuppered us a little so I feel we are due a dry one there this year so that we can really attack, I really enjoy driving Donington so fingers crossed for a dry weekend as most weekends this year have been wet so it will be great to see where we can finish with a totally dry weekend.




Chord Electronics Etude Power Amplifier Now On Demo!

posted on 2019-08-07 07:17:33 GMT

Hi Everyone, 

Another quick blog to just say that we now have the new Chord Etude amplifier on permanent demo, this is a total re-design of Chord’s amplifier topology and although it may look small at 150 watts per channel it will drive most speakers with ease and at a cost of £3900 it won’t break the bank.

I set it up for a demo yesterday comprising of a Melco N1ZH into the Chord Hugo TT2 and M Scaler into the Etude driving the new PMC Fact.8 Signatures and I have to say that it really did sound particularly sweet giving great separation and transparency along with speed and a certain delicacy, as a system it really works and it also has the advantage of being a very stylish system that on the electronics side is quite small so it is a win win.

The Etude is now on permanent demo so if you ever fancy a listen please feel free to pop in for a listen. 




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