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3 Great Sounding Rooms For Tomorrow’s PMC Fact Signature Launch Event!

posted on 2019-07-19 17:03:41 GMT

Hi Everyone,

I really don’t know where the time goes but we’ve been setting up since 7am this morning and now at 6pm we are nearly finished getting everything ready for tomorrow’s PMC Speakers Fact Signature Launch event and I have to say we have 3 brilliant sounding rooms, these new Fact Signatures are seriously good, please see an overview of each room below.

All we need now is for the weather to actually realise it is summer as we are still ploughing ahead for a BBQ tomorrow 👍

Room One - Fact.8 Signatures

I’ve got a real soft spot for the original Fact.8′s, they really are quite unique and the Signature iteration seem to have taken them up another level, I can see it will be a late night tonight.

For this system we are running a Melco N1ZH into the Chord Electronics M Scaler and Hugo TT2 combo into the PMC Cor amplifier, this system really is singing.

Room 2 - Fact.12 Signatures

I run the original Fact.12′s at home so really looking forward to sitting down and getting to know the new Signatures, for this system we are running them on a full Naim 500 System, there has always been a great synergy between PMC and Naim and this certainly continues with this system.

Room 3 - Fact Fenestria’s

I know these are not really part of the launch event but they are part of the Fact range and if you’ve got them sitting around then why not fire them up, these really are incredible speakers and to help get them really singing we are driving them with a pair of the incredible Bryston 28B3 Mono’s fed by a dCS Rossini and Audio Research Reference 6 Pre, very nice indeed.

Anyway we’ll be kicking off around 10 am tomorrow so look forward to seeing everyone during the day.




Goodwood Festival of Speed 2019, Meeting my Motorsport Hero!

posted on 2019-07-08 09:22:31 GMT

Hi Everyone,

I know this isn’t exactly HiFi related but I do know a lot of our customers are car and motorsport enthusiasts like myself so I just wanted to share a quick story. I’m sure loads of you have attended the Goodwood Festival of Speed over the years, I actually went to the very first one way back in 1993, it was almost like a garden party back then, and I have been going on and off ever since and have seen it grow massively over the years and it is still an incredible event to attend. Now I wasn’t going to go this year but a couple of weeks ago I read that a particular car was going to be there, now I was sceptical if it would be the actual car as it was also supposed to be paraded before the start of Le Mans this year but that was actually a replica, I am a bit of a nerd when it comes to this particular car, but I really didn’t want to risk missing this car coming over to the UK, I was actually planning to go out to make the trip to see it is it’s normal museum residence in the states so this actually seemed to good to be true.

But anyway I got there Friday morning at 7am and started my hunt, it isn’t easy trying to find one car amongst thousands at the biggest car gathering in the world, but after a couple of hours I saw those iconic Gulf Colours out the corner of my eye, I rushed over to the car and to my amazement it was the actual Ford GT40 Chassis Number P/1075, I actually really couldn’t believe that I was standing next to such an iconic car and it was just sitting there with no security and to be honest most people probably didn’t realise the significance of this particular GT40.

I have seen it read many times that it is considered the most valuable race car in the world today and as I mentioned it normally resides in the Henry Ford Museum in Detroit where I was planning to go to see it so I really never thought such a piece of history would be in the UK and be so accessible, I guess that is the power of Goodwood, So why is it so special? Well basically it is the only car to win Le Mans on 2 consecutive years of 1968 and 1969, I guess most car enthusiasts will know that Ford was in talks to buy Ferrari and when they fell through Henry Ford made it his mission to beat Ferrari at LeMans which he did for 4 consecutive years from 1966 to 1969 with the GT40, actually there is a big Hollywood film coming out later this year about this story, anyway not only is GT40 P/1075 remembered for it’s 2 wins it is also considered the winner for the greatest Le Mans race of all time in 1969 where is won by only 100 meters after 24 hours of racing, changing the lead 5 times on the last lap with the faster Porsche, you can view the video I took at Goodwood of Jackie Oliver discussing this incredible win below -

Finally another iconic moment of the 1969 race was that Jacky Ickx made a protest about safety at the start of the race, this was when the drivers used to race across the track to their cars and speed off without doing up their belts til they got down the Mulsanne Straight to get a quick start, so Jacky walked slowly across the track, climbed in, did his belts up then left the grid in last place and as it happened there was a big crash on the first lap where John Wolf was killed as he hadn’t done up his belts to get a quick start, so in the end with Jacky Ickx and Jackie Oliver behind the wheel they fought their way from last to win with Ickx crossing the line by the smallest of margins after 24 hours, quite incredible.

Anyway it was an amazing day and a real honour to see P/1075 up close and personal, I probably looked like some weird stalker as I spent all day admiring the car taking loads of video’s and pictures and I really struggled to leave at the end of the day as the chances are it may never come back to the UK again but at 8pm I dragged myself away.

There are a few more video’s on our YouTube page below and probably far too many pictures below.


Jacky Oliver Re-United With P/1075 50 Years after it’s famous Le Mans win.




PMC Speakers Fact Signature Launch Event + 10% Off Upgrade Promotion - July 20th!

posted on 2019-06-24 10:14:53 GMT

Hi Everyone,

Firstly a huge thanks to everyone who came to our Naim and Focal Summer Party, it really was an excellent day and great to see so many familiar and new faces, it was certainly one of our most popular open days to date and was a lot of fun but at HFL nothing stops so it is now time to start promoting our next Open day.

So anyone who knows us at HFL knows we are big supporters of PMC Speakers and we’ll basically use any chance as an excuse to have a PMC Open day so with the launch of their new Fact Signature range we have the perfect opportunity so have decided to do a launch event in conjunction with PMC on July 20th.

Personally I have always been a huge fan of the Fact range, the Fact.8′s have always been a favourite of mine with their amazing resolution and speed and I currently run fact.12′s at home so I for one can’t wait to hear the new and improved Fact Signature range, speaking to PMC the biggest difference with the new range is in the crossover as they learnt so much from the development of the mighty Fenestria that that technology has now trickled down to the Fact.8 and Fact..12 to give a more open and transparent sound apparently, can’t wait to hear for myself.

Fact Demo Rooms! 

So for the Fact open day we will be running the new Fact.8′s on the PMC Cor amplifier in our upstairs demo room, this is bound to be a great match, we will then run the new Fact.12′s on our Naim 500 system as we have a lot of Naim customer’s that run PMC speakers as there is such a great synergy between the 2 brands, then in the final room we’ll have the awesome Fenestria’s running with Bryston 28B mono blocks which really do get the best from the speakers, so that really should give 3 pretty awesome sounding rooms.

Upgrade and Save Offer! 

For one day only on the open day we will be offering you a chance to save 10% off any PMC Speakers if you upgrade your current speakers, basically trade in your existing speakers and we will give market value to save you the hassle of selling them yourself, the only speakers excluded from this offer are the Fenestria’s, so please get in touch to discuss the options and to get a price for your current speakers.

Please find a link to PMC on our website with current prices - 



We will have representatives here from PMC to help run the day and answer any questions you may have and if the weather looks like it is going to be kind we will fire up the BBQ again, if you’d like to come along could you please fire me over a quick mail so we can get a rough idea on numbers, thanks -


Look forward to seeing everyone on the day and having a good listen to the new Fact Signature range myself.




All Set For Tomorrow’s Naim / Focal Summer Party 👍

posted on 2019-06-21 17:41:06 GMT

Hi Everyone,

Just a quickie to say that we have spent all day turning 5 demo rooms into Naim and Focal showcase rooms and they are all looking and sounding great, just got to wait for room 6 to arrive tomorrow, the Bentley Continental GT Convertible, looking forward to that one.

Look forward to seeing everyone tomorrow for what looks like is going to be loads of fun, please find a few pictures of the rooms ready to rock.

Just putting the finishing touches to the garden.

Oh yeah, nearly forgot, we are also offering 10% of any Focal headphones tomorrow as well as Naim with their upgrade offer 👍




Arcam ‘The Silver Celebration Offer’ Save £££’s on AV Receivers!

posted on 2019-06-18 16:06:38 GMT

Hi Everyone,

So this year Arcam celebrates 25 years at the leading edge of Home Cinema products, it all started back on 1994 with the launch of the XETA One and since then they have released many multi award winning AV Receivers, Processors and AV Amps, to be fair I have personally owned most of them, at the moment I run the AV860 at home which I can’t sing it’s praises highly enough.

So to mark this momentous occasion Arcam have decided to launch the ‘Silver Celebration Trade In Offer’ Basically trade in any home cinema receiver or processor to save up to £1000 of a new AVR390, AVR500 or AVR850, please see more info below - 

  • Trade-in any home theatre receiver of processor and claim £500.00 against the purchase of an AVR390
  • Trade-in any home theatre receiver of processor and claim £700.00 against the purchased of an AVR550
  • Trade-in any home theatre receiver or processor and claim £1,000.00 against the purchase of an AVR850

This is a limited offer so if you are in the market for a new Receiver or Processor please feel free to get in touch to discuss further but once the offer is over prices will go back to the normal RRP.

Please see the Arcam range below -


Arcam Cinema of Excellence 

We are an Arcam Cinema of Excellence and run a full Atmos Arcam system in our cinema room with the latest Sony VW570ES 4K Projector so please feel free to come in for a demo anytime.

Many thanks,



Naim & Focal Summer Party With Guests Bentley Cars - June 22nd!

posted on 2019-06-13 15:01:42 GMT

Hi All,

So our next open day is approaching fast on June 22nd and the last time we has a big Naim Summer open day it was our most popular open day to date with well over 100 people coming along to enjoy some good music, the gardens and a BBQ as it really was a great summer occasion, here’s hoping the weather is kind again so we can enjoy a similar day.

For this open day we will be holding it as a joint Naim and Focal event and also for all the Petrolheads out there Bentley Cars will be bringing along one of their gorgeous cars with a full Naim sound system installed for everyone to enjoy. We will be running 6 demo rooms on the day so please see below for what each room will be showcasing.

Naim Lounge

For many this will be the main draw as we will be running our full 500 System with the awesome ND555 being driven double barrel with 2 x 555PS’s, this will be driving a pair of the eye catching £45,000 Focal Maestro Utopia Evo speakers so this room is definitely one not to miss,

Upstairs Demo Room

For this one we thought we’d do something a little different so we will be running a Focal Kanta surround sound cinema setup with full Atmos and using Sony’s VPL-VW570ES 4K and HDR Projector so please feel free to bring some discs of your favourite movies to try and we will also have plenty of 4K Blu Rays of the latest blockbusters to show.

Downstairs entrance Room

For this room we will have the new Muso 2 doing it’s thing with Naim representatives on hand to run through all it’s new features.

Highend Room

For this room we will be showing a classic Naim system comprising of the NDX 2 with a NAC 282, NAP 200 into a pair of Focal Diablo Utopia Speakers, again this room is bound to sound excellent and is at a more affordable price point compared to the Naim room setup.

Headphone Room!

This is an easy one as Focal really do have a brilliant range of headphones now at many price points and we will also have the new Focal Arche headphone amp on show so if you like your headphones there is plenty to explore here.

Bentley Cars

For the 6th demo room it is something a little different, as many know as an option on a Bentley Car is a full Naim sound system so we are really lucky that Bentley will be bringing a car along that will have a full Naim sound system installed for everyone to listen to, this will be parked in the front courtyard so make sure you don’t miss it.

Breaking News - Bentley have confirmed it is a Convertible Continental GT with a full Naim system installed that they are bringing along and even better if you bring your drivers license you can actually take it for a spin, can’t be bad.

BBQ in the Gardens

We are very fortunate at HFL as we have some truly beautiful gardens here so once you have explored all the HiFi delights why not spill out into the gardens for some refreshments and relax with fellow music lovers for a chat and weather permitting we will be firing up the BBQ.

RSVP Please!

Bearing in mind that we are expecting this to be a busy day if you are planning to come along can you please just fire me over a quick mail to confirm to the below, ta -


Naim and Focal will be bringing along a few representatives to help run the day and answer any questions you may have so we all really look forward to seeing everyone on June 22nd, the event will kick off around 10am until everyone has had enough.

Many thanks,

Paul & Wendy.

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