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Warwick Acoustics

“Warwick Acoustics Ltd is the new name of Warwick Audio Technologies Ltd, the company behind Sonoma Acoustics Ltd.  At Warwick Acoustics they are single-minded in their mission; to create remarkable listening experiences, believing in creating products that are designed from the ground up in order to deliver the best personal audio listening experience available to their customers.  The Warwick Acoustics team are pioneering perfectionists coming from a background of the development of Hi-Res Audio solutions and ground-breaking innovation in the world of transducers.  The pursuit of excellence is their primary goal, and everything really does matter! From custom built low noise power supplies to the highest-grade cables and leather ear pads. Passionate, Transparency, Neutrality, Truthfulness are all words close to their hearts….


The multi-award winning Sonoma M1 Headphone System is built for today’s high-res audio formats with each piece planned to carry unsurpassed heights of performance and acoustic quality. It is the world's first Headphone System to benefit from the ‘High-Precision Electrostatic Laminate’ (HPEL) Transducer developed by Warwick Acoustics Ltd.  Every aspect of the system has been designed to deliver unparalleled levels of performance and sound quality… Please feel free to come into Highend Headphones to hear this fantastic system for yourself.”

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