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Trilogy Audio Systems

Trilogy Audio Systems are a London based company founded by Nic Poulson in 1992, Nic was originally a broadcast engineer, trained at the BBC throughout the eighties resulting in a background that taught him that the only way to achieve true quality is to strive for excellence in every area and accept nothing less, this means when a new product is on the drawing board at Trilogy it isn't built to a price dictated by a marketing manager but infact is designed to give the ultimate performace, reliability, pride of ownership and value for money first and foremost. Nic was also the founder of Isotek after studying in depth the inherent weaknesses in most mains derived power supplies, and their surprising impact on sound quality. All this experience has been put into both the Trilogy 933 & 931 headphone amplifiers. If you really want to get the best possible performance from any of today's Highend Headphones then you really do have to hear them driven by the 933 as this really is one of the best headphone amps available today, at any price, with the 931 being a scaled down version of the 933 making it unbeatable at its pricepoint, so please come along to Highend Headphones to give them try.

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