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I think that it goes without saying that anyone who has used in-ears to enjoy their music knows how important it is to get a good seal with the right tip and how hard this can be, and sometimes can almost be impossible, this is due to everyones ears being hugely different profiles, the answer to this problem is to get a custom set of tips made.

Enter Snugs, the Savile Row of suits for your ears. Using state of the art 3D scanning technology Snugs will take a 3D model of your ear resulting in a custom set of ear tips made perfectly to fit you. This gives many benefits, firstly this gives a far greater level of comfort, they will never fall out making them perfect for exercising with, Snugs tips will also hugely improve the sound quality thanks to that perfect seal which is so important, this seal also keeps outside noises out and your music in so not to annoy others and finally they come in a large range of colours and effects to fit all makes of earphones out there. All this is available at a very reasonable price which we feel is a real no brainer if you use in-earphones so please get in touch with us for more information on how you can get your own custom Snugs ear tips.

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