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Since first emerging in 2012, Questyle has been fast developing a reputation for their innovative technologies, with several patents including 'current mode' amplifiers and 'true DSD' DAC implementation. Another innovative idea is that their CMA800R 'current mode' headphone amp has a 'full mono output' switch, allowing two CMA800Rs to be used as mono block headphone amplifiers meaning that you really will get the best from your headphones, no matter how hard they are too drive.

You also can't help but sense the quality of workmanship when you handle a Questyle product. From the 10mm thick aluminium amp and DAC chassis, to the CNC cut aluminium body and gorilla glass of the QP1r and the immaculate PCB layouts using the highest quality components - every product has a reassuring weight, high precision look, with a eye for the fine details very evident.

So please feel free to come into Highend Headphones to try the Questyle range of products for yourself.

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