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Everyone has heard of Pioneer, formed in 1938 and based in Tokyo, they are probably best known for their excellent plasma TV’s (Known as Kuro) from a few years ago, Laser Disc Players and their AV Receivers nowadays, but what most people don’t realise is that Pioneer have always been leaders in the Headphone Market. 

Pioneer’s first headphone was launched in 1960, the SE-1, which was a closed back, Dynamic design that won many admirers and ever since then Pioneer have been at the forefront of Headphone technology, they have even had a few pairs of electrostatic headphones, the first launched back in 1971. Well now they are back with their SE-MASTER 1 Headphones , These are a Highend Headphone that are hand made in Tokyo by skilled craftsmen and contain many new technologies like an aluminium diaphragm with a ceramic coating, floating drivers to give better separation amongst other things, and along with being very comfortable and beautifully built these are definitely a headphone to consider and now with their Portable Player it looks like Pioneer really are here to stay in the Headphone arena. So why not come into Highend Headphones to give the headphones and player a try.

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