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When it comes to changing cables on headphones you have to be very careful as you can totally change the characteristics of your chosen headphone, sometimes it can add more treble or make the bass too lean, I have seen it many times when customers buy a new cable without trying it first but don’t like how it changes the overall sound so end up selling it for a loss. For sometime now we have been looking to bring on a range of headphone cables to offer our customers but for one reason or another it proved quite difficult to find the right brand to work with, then Nordost got in touch and brought along their Heimdall 2 cable followed shortly by the equally impressive Blue Heaven cable.

There is arguably no better manufacturer of highend cables in the world than Nordost and they obviously know what they are doing with cables for headphones, as we tested the Heimdall 2 on the Audeze LCD range of headphones and what the cable added was width to the soundstage, an air and openness whilst giving better seperation, but at all times it retained that Audeze sound that so many people love, so the cable didn’t change the overall presentation but just made it more enjoyable and revealing. Obviously cables are very subjective so please feel free to come in and try the Nordost cables and see how you find them, we are pretty sure though that you’ll be as impressed as we are.

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