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When it comes to music playback everything matters, especially clean and stable mains, all equipment feeds of this and it can't be underestimated how important this is to get the best out of your system, it is possibly even more important in a headphone setup due to how revealing and intimate the experience is, with headphones you generally hear more detail and with an ISOL-8 conditioner in your system cleaning and filtering the mains supply you will hear a more musical, detailed and cleaner sound which really does help the music flow better.

Designed and manufactured  in the UK, ISOL-8 supply the finest power conditioning and distribution equipment for hi-fi and audio visual systems. Nic Poulson who owns ISOL-8 and designs all their products also owns and designs all the Trilogy Audio products, including the Trilogy 933 and 931 headphone amplifiers which we consider to be the best headphone amps at their price points, so if you'd like to try one of ISOL-8's products in your headphone rig please do get in touch to arrange a home demo as this is the only way to appreciate how an ISOL-8 product will enhance your sytem, I know you will extremely impressed as I was.

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