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Naim & Focal Summer Party With Guests Bentley Cars - June 22nd!

posted on 2019-06-13 15:01:42 GMT

Hi All,

So our next open day is approaching fast on June 22nd and the last time we has a big Naim Summer open day it was our most popular open day to date with well over 100 people coming along to enjoy some good music, the gardens and a BBQ as it really was a great summer occasion, here’s hoping the weather is kind again so we can enjoy a similar day.

For this open day we will be holding it as a joint Naim and Focal event and also for all the Petrolheads out there Bentley Cars will be bringing along one of their gorgeous cars with a full Naim sound system installed for everyone to enjoy. We will be running 6 demo rooms on the day so please see below for what each room will be showcasing.

Naim Lounge

For many this will be the main draw as we will be running our full 500 System with the awesome ND555 being driven double barrel with 2 x 555PS’s, this will be driving a pair of the eye catching £45,000 Focal Maestro Utopia Evo speakers so this room is definitely one not to miss,

Upstairs Demo Room

For this one we thought we’d do something a little different so we will be running a Focal Kanta surround sound cinema setup with full Atmos and using Sony’s VPL-VW570ES 4K and HDR Projector so please feel free to bring some discs of your favourite movies to try and we will also have plenty of 4K Blu Rays of the latest blockbusters to show.

Downstairs entrance Room

For this room we will have the new Muso 2 doing it’s thing with Naim representatives on hand to run through all it’s new features.

Highend Room

For this room we will be showing a classic Naim system comprising of the NDX 2 with a NAC 282, NAP 200 into a pair of Focal Diablo Utopia Speakers, again this room is bound to sound excellent and is at a more affordable price point compared to the Naim room setup.

Headphone Room!

This is an easy one as Focal really do have a brilliant range of headphones now at many price points and we will also have the new Focal Arche headphone amp on show so if you like your headphones there is plenty to explore here.

Bentley Cars

For the 6th demo room it is something a little different, as many know as an option on a Bentley Car is a full Naim sound system so we are really lucky that Bentley will be bringing a car along that will have a full Naim sound system installed for everyone to listen to, this will be parked in the front courtyard so make sure you don’t miss it.

Breaking News - Bentley have confirmed it is a Convertible Continental GT with a full Naim system installed that they are bringing along and even better if you bring your drivers license you can actually take it for a spin, can’t be bad.

BBQ in the Gardens

We are very fortunate at HFL as we have some truly beautiful gardens here so once you have explored all the HiFi delights why not spill out into the gardens for some refreshments and relax with fellow music lovers for a chat and weather permitting we will be firing up the BBQ.

RSVP Please!

Bearing in mind that we are expecting this to be a busy day if you are planning to come along can you please just fire me over a quick mail to confirm to the below, ta -


Naim and Focal will be bringing along a few representatives to help run the day and answer any questions you may have so we all really look forward to seeing everyone on June 22nd, the event will kick off around 10am until everyone has had enough.

Many thanks,

Paul & Wendy.


Brands Hatch Race Report!

posted on 2019-06-12 17:31:35 GMT

Hi Everyone,

The races are coming thick and fast this year as we were at Brands Hatch this past weekend for race 5 & 6 on our calendar, unbelievably we are now half way through the season, I was really looking forward to racing at Brands again as I really enjoyed it last year but the weather really had different ideas.

In all honesty I much prefer dry conditions, especially at Brands as it is a track that really rewards a little attack but for the Friday test it was pretty much wet all day, we woke up Saturday morning to more rain and a drying qualifying session that got quicker with every lap which made it tricky to know how much grip there was but the weather looked promising for both races.

Race 1

So for race 1 we are all in the assembly area where we gather 20 minutes before race start, all on dry tyres but in the distance we could all see this very dark and menacing cloud getting closer and closer and then with only a few minutes to go the heavens opened as everyone was running around swapping the tyres over from dry’s to wets, it was all a little chaotic but I have to say a big thanks to the team who did a stellar job getting the car ready under pressure for the race start.

I must admit at the start of race 1 I really had no confidence, I actually think I drive my van quicker in the wet, but anyway at least I survived with a top 10 finish which when the conditions are like this then I’ll take that, below is the first lap of race 1 where you’ll see 2 cars spin off then another hits the pit wall at the end of the lap, all very entertaining :-)

Race 2

For race 2 it was almost DeJa Vu as the track had dried out between races and what looked like the same cloud was hovering again in the same place but luckily the wind changed direction and the race stayed mainly dry, I was a bit hesitant at the start and got overtaken by a couple of cars then 2 cars went off into the barriers at Paddock Hill bend so we spent quite a bit of time behind the safety car then I had a great race with one of my competitors, I knew I was quicker but I just couldn’t find a way past but in the end with 2 laps to go I found an opening, overtook and pulled away but before I knew it the race was over, another top 10 finish though so could have been worse.

Have to say it was a brilliant weekend though where we had every condition to deal with in true British summertime fashion and it ended up being a lot of fun and the car stayed in one piece which was quite an achievement in my book.

Snetterton next at the end of July, I really hope this is a dry one and that I can attack more as I am a fair bit quicker this year so really want to race with the mid pack more as I have been racing more this year and it really has wetted my appetite for more.

Anyway please find a few pics below, thanks as ever to Ollie for taking some brilliant pictures and to the guys from 360 Racing for their support and our great HiFi Sponsors 👍




Naim 10% Off Promotion and Anyone Fancy Driving a Bentley Continental?

posted on 2019-06-12 15:38:46 GMT

Hi Everyone,

In perfect timing for our Naim event on the 22nd June Naim have announced a promotion which runs till mid July for existing Naim customers, basically it is an upgrade promotion on the Classic Range as well as Uniti Range where you can receive a 10% discount on the new product.

So basically if you have say a SuperUniti and would like to upgrade to a new Nova you can receive 10% off the Nova + we will give you the market value for your SuperUniti as a trade in, the same if you have a NDX and would like to move up to the new NDX 2 or even better a ND555 or go from a NAC 282 to a NAC 252 or from a NAP 250 to a NAP 300, if you are thinking of upgrading your Naim system in any way, maybe adding a power supply to a source, it doesn’t need to be a trade in, then please feel free to get in touch to discuss and to see if you are applicable to receive the discount

All Naim require as qualification is the below to receive your 10% discount -

  • Existing Naim customer name
  • Existing Naim product
  • Existing Naim serial number

So in a nutshell if you are an existing Naim customer and are thinking of upgrading please get in touch before July 15th to receive a 10% discount, nice and simple.

Drive a Bentley Continental at Our Naim Open Day on June 22nd!

So this is pretty cool, ever dreamt of driving a Bentley Motors Continental GT Convertible with a fully loaded Naim sound system installed? well if so why not come to our Naim / Focal open day on June 22nd and bring along your driver’s license and the Bentley guys will apparently let you take the Continental for a drive, guess where I’ll be all day, all we need now is for the weather to realise it is summer and not winter :-)

For more information on our upcoming Naim / Focal open day please see below -


Thanks to everyone who has let me know they are coming along on the day, we still have plenty of space for more music lovers so just fire a mail over to the below if you’d like to come -


Look forward to seeing you on the day.




Isolation Products From Quadraspire and IsoAcoustics at HFL!

posted on 2019-06-06 16:11:51 GMT

Hi All,

This is just a quick blog to say that we have just bought on IsoAcoustics as a new brand + we have some interesting new isolation supports from Quadraspire.

As a quick overview, isolating your equipment and speakers can really help get the best from them, on speakers it can tighten up the bass which helps free up the midrange and when used on certain electronics it can really help focus the sound, the name of the game though is to try them under different components to see where you get the biggest gains in my opinion.


With IsoAcoustics they do the Giaa range for under your speakers, there are 3 different models depending on the weight of your speakers and they also do the Orea range of isolation pucks that sit under your equipment, again there are 3 different versions, depending on the weight of your equipment, we have the whole range on demo so if you’d like to try any please feel free to get in touch to try in here or at home, we have actually sold quite a few of these for both speakers and kit and everyone has been really impressed, I have to say that it helps that they are beautifully made and look pretty cool and they don’t cost a fortune also.

Please find more info below -

Giaa Speaker Range - 


Orea Equipment Isolation


Yep, I’ve isolated the McIntosh RS200 Wireless Speaker and it made a really noticeable difference 👍

Quadraspire QPlus Supports

When it comes to HiFi Racks then Quadraspire really are up there with the best, the X Reference really is very popular with our customer’s and rightly so as it looks stunning and performs brilliantly.

So what Quadraspire have done with their new QPlus range or equipment supports is offer 3 shrunk down versions of their racks to help isolate your equipment and they really do work wonders, you can read more below on Quadrapires website -


We have a really nice presentation case that we can lend out to you if you are curious and would like to try them at home, it is great as you can now have a bit of X Reference under all your kit, now that has got to be a good idea, seriously though if you’d like to experiment with this please feel free to get in touch as these really can help un-lock the true potential of your system.




Cadwell Park Race Weekend Report!

posted on 2019-05-23 17:58:54 GMT

Hi Everyone,

This is just a quick one as I wanted to share my quickest lap from last weekend as I feel that I probably did my best lap yet in our Radical SR1, it is a slow process getting on top of these cars but everytime we go out we get a little bit faster which I guess is all I can ask for.

My problem is that I love chasing lap time and here I can find reasonable speed now but I go slower in the races for some reason, not ideal I know so just need to treat the races like qualifying.

This past weekend at Cadwell Park went pretty well, closed the gap to the front guys again, have to say that I absolutely love cadwell Park, probably my favourite track of the year, it is a stunning location and the track really is quite technical and challenging but it definitely rewards an attacking driver and getting air at the mountain is definitely a unique experience which keep you awake.

So I went 4 seconds quicker than when I was Cadwell last year, I put it down to my new helmet design, if I knew it was going to make that much difference I would have done it earlier 😉 I was concentrating on carrying more speed into the corners which I am getting the hang of now, for once the below lap actually looks reasonably fast whereas last year they looked pretty pedestrian.

I was mortified when I got home to watch my lap and find that the file was corrupted somehow but luckily I found some guys in California who somehow un-corrupted the file for me which was a huge relief, thanks guys.

So anyway here is the lap, for me it is worth watching just for how beautiful the track is -

Next Stop Brand Hatch in a couple of weeks 👍




Wilson Audio Sabrina Speakers For Sale - Pre-Owned!

posted on 2019-05-13 09:34:26 GMT

Hi Everyone,

I just thought I would do a quick blog to say that I have a traded in pair of the Wilson Audio Sabrina Speakers, these really are one of my favourite speakers.

These are a customer trade in who has upgraded to Wilson Sasha DAW’s, they are in black, as new condition and boxed with all the accessories.

New Price - £18,998

Our Price - £13,998 

If you’d like a listen anytime please feel free to get in touch.


Below are a couple of pictures when in use at the customer’s house before we swapped them for the DAW’s.



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