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At Highend Headphones we obviously love our headphones but we are well aware that with so much choice it really is quite daunting to know where to start, do you go with Open Back, Closed Back or even Semi-Open Back, then there is the choice between Dynamic, Planar Magnetic or Electrostatic designs all with their own sound signatures but all sounding excellent, obviously with a name like Highend Headphones we have decided to only concentrate on the very top of the tree when it comes to headphones and at this level there really is no such thing as a bad headphone, they are all excellent, it really does come down to general preference, do you want a neutral and accurate sound or maybe something a little more organic with real bass presence.

We really believe at the top end of the headphone market you can achieve in pure musical terms sound quality that you would have to spend many thousands of pounds more on a traditional hifi speaker rig, as the great thing with headphones are that they take the room out of the equation, which really can't be underestimated. So with all these variables we really believe that demoing is the only way forward and this is why we have put together what we consider to be a range of the best headphones available in the world today, so please come in to Highend Headphones, make yourself comfortable and take as much time as needed to find the headphones that suit you.

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