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I would imagine everyone has heard of AudioQuest, best known for their range of quality interconnects, but now they have entered the world of headphones with the NightHawk, this is a headphone that has been widely anticipated amongst Head-Fiers as AudioQuest didn’t want to release just another headphone so have tried to bring something new and fresh to the market which they most certainly have. Offering 3D printed latticework to help widen the soundstage, the cups are made from ‘Liquid Wood’ which is reclaimed wood fibre that is heated, liquefied, and processed in such a way that it can be injection moulded, there is an innovative headband, also being a cable company you get a very high quality cable along with a portable cable + a useful carry case amongst other features that make NightHawk standout from the crowd. This is a headphone which will challenge headphones costing much more. They are very light, extremely comfortable, offer very special imaging, insight and separation whilst presenting the music in a very organic way meaning to can wear them for hours without any fatigue.

We are big fans of NightHawk at Highend Headphones as we are with AudioQuest's DragonFly and Jiterbug USB products, we have all these on demo so please come in to experience the AudioQuest products at Highend Headphones.

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