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Audeze LCD-2 (Rosewood) Headphones

  • Planar Magnetic Transducers. 
  • Custom designed Caribbean Rosewood earcups.
  • Distortion: less than 1% even at full output.
  • Impedance: 60 Ohms, nominal
  • Efficiency: 91 dB/1mW

The LCD2 is the state of the art Planar Magnetic Headphone from Audez’e Inc. Every component of the LCD2 is precision engineered with one goal in mind: Recreate the sound exactly like the artist intended. LCD2 combines leading edge technology and development with knowledge, feedback and suggestions from an on-going dialogue with Sound Engineers and Audiophiles. The Audeze LCD2 uses a proprietary thin film diaphragm that is housed between a unique super efficient push-pull magnetic structure.

Audeze’s manufacturing process combined with the advanced materials and technology produce extremely accurate and incredible sounding headphones. These LCD2s are made of carribean rosewood. The sloped earpads are made of premium lambskin leather with specially selected foam to offer the right amount of firmness. LCD2 is also available with leather free option. The leather free headphones use specially selected faux suede material that matches the performance of the regular LCD2.


  • LCD-2 Rosewood comes with 
  • ADZ-6 Cable (2.5 meters or 8.2 ft with split)
  • Wood Care kit
  • Travel Case for storage
  • Frequency response graph of the particular LCD-2
  • Care kit and Warranty documents
  • 3 year limited warranty


  • Planar Magnetic Transducers. 
  • Custom designed Caribbean Rosewood earcups.
  • Specially designed premium lamb skin leather earpads.
  • Diaphragm excursion of 2.5 mm p-p for very high SPL. Maximum output exceeds 130 dB.
  • Left and rear transducers have matched sensitivity and frequency response within +/- 0.5 dB.
  • Specially designed self closing, acoustically transparent magnetic structure with highest grade Neodymium magnets.
  • Large diaphragm area creates plane sound waves that enter ear canals the same way as it happens in real environment.
  • Frequency Response: 5 Hz - 20 KHz, usable high frequency extension 50 KHz.
  • Distortion: less than 1% even at full output.
  • Impedance: 60 Ohms, nominal
  • Maximum diaphragm excursion: 2.5mm p-p
  • Efficiency: 91 dB/1mW
  • Maximum output: 133dB, 15W
  • Transducer active diaphragm area: 6.17 square inches.

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