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Amplifiers & DACs for Headphones

There really is no point in buying an amazing pair of headphones if you haven't got the amp to get the best from them, that is why at Highend Headphones we have selected a range of headphone amps and DAC's, at various price points, which we consider will get the best from the the great choice of headphones that are currently available. You can go with an all in one Amp/Dac combo, or maybe a seperate analogue amp with a DAC of your choice, then there is the balanced option or single ended, which all needs careful matching.

Buying a headphone and headphone amp rig is no different to buying a traditional hifi speaker system, there has to be a synergy between the headphones and the amp as different pairings will create a very different listening experince, this is why we have a dedicated listening room where you can try the best headphones from around the world with some of the best amps to find a combination that suits you. So please come in, grab a seat, sit back and enjoy comparing the different combinations to find one that suits you.

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