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About Us

When we launched HiFi Lounge towards the end of 2012 we decided to take a gamble and to use the smallest demo room as a headphone room, we started of with 6 pairs of Grado’s and to be fair it got off to a very slow start and I really thought that it wasn’t going to work, undeterred we bought on some more brands and slowly but surely the headphone room really did take on a life of its own with people coming from all over the country for a chance to compare some of the best headphones currently available today. In the end the headphone room has become one of the busiest parts of HiFi Lounge so we took the decision to move the headphones into their own building and to start Highend Headphones so that we can expand it further and to give it room to breath outside of HiFi Lounge.

It really is such an exiting time for headphones, amps and Dacs at the moment, especially at the top end, with constantly new brands and products entering the market which all need demoing as matching the Amp/Dac to the headphones is vitally important. This is why we have put together a selection of the best headphones, amps and dacs in the world today all under one roof for our customers to come and compare and chose the perfect match for them.

As we are based in a converted barn well away from the high street, with plenty of free parking, you really can come in and spend as much time as needed to put a system together that suits you, it may seem daunting at first when you come face to face with all the options but you soon find a sound that suits you and that is where we can help guide you in the right direction, in fact one of the real beauty’s of headphones is that you can own 2 or more pairs all with different characteristics to suit a particular type of music or mood maybe, something you would struggle with on a conventional hifi speaker system.

The quality of headphone rigs now really is quite amazing with some stunning setups possible that cost a fraction of the price of a traditional hifi system but will surpass it quite easily on pure sound quality, ok so it won’t have the scale and soundstage of a speaker system but for pure sound quality we really believe that headphones are tough to beat, the main area where headphones win is that they totally eliminate the effect the room has on sound quality, the room is pretty much one of the biggest parts of any traditional hifi rig so with headphones you are tapped straight into the recording, there really is no better way to listen to music as the artist intended than on a Highend Headphone rig.

We will constantly be evaluating new products and brands that enter the headphone market so please check back regularly to our site for all the exciting new developments as one thing is for sure the headphone market doesn’t stop for a minute and it really is exciting to be part of that.

If you’d like to explore a top end headphone setup please get in touch to book an appointment, there will be no time constraints, just sit back and enjoy comparing all the different options that are available, all under one roof in a relaxed manner with as much tea or coffee that you can drink, I think you’ll be surprised just how immersive and enjoyable listening to you favourite music will be to a dedicated highend headphone setup, it will be like re-discovering your music collection all over again.


Paul and Wendy.